Pierro Engineering and Mining Service Company is made up of competent ,reliable and well experienced individuals who knows what it takes to get the job done. Over the years, we have developed a style and a way of doing business that provide excellent services as well as efficient and effective execution of any kind of repairs on Caterpillars and other Heavy Duty machines.


  1. Maintenance, diagnosis and repair of all kinds of Heavy Duty machines.
  2. Machine assembling, Component change outs, repairs of all types of mining equipment.
  3. The Company undertakes major machine rebuild.
  4. Hiring of Mining and Construction Equipment, as well as Light Duty Vehicles.
  5. Import and export of general goods.
  6. Consultancy services in Engineering to Companies in Ghana and other West African States.
    The targeted areas are the Mining and Construction Industries.

Pems has a maintenance team that fully understands the challenges and the changes currently taking place in the field of contract maintenance work in the mining industry, and are totally committed to maintain our reputation such that customers will choose PEMS as their first choice maintenance customer. PEMS maintenance team has the appropriate equipment to consistently meet the demands of our clients and ensure that machine availability is always at a percentage rate of 100%. PEMS maintenance crews understand and are committed to the achievement of Company's vision, the role of the team in the fulfillment of maintenance objectives, the value and benefits of meeting our client's needs, and how this relates to their success and that of PEMS. Our marketing strategy relies on our ability to perform to the satisfaction of our clients. PEMS has a highly trained maintenance team that will keep your entire fleet up and running to maximize your reliance on us.